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Anita C. Martin 
Site Administrator

Anita began working for PRC in 1989 as a word processor. She became Assistant Site Administrator in August 1998 and Site Administrator on August 1, 2000. As Site Administrator, she is responsible for administering and coordinating site operating policies, budgeting and monthly expense reports, site H.R. functions, and grant and manuscript preparation. She is a member of PIRE's Administrative Policy Advisory Group and serves on the Deltek Team. As a member of the PRC Study Directors Group, she serves on both the Space and Infrastructure Committees. She served on the West Coast Institutional Review Board (IRB #1) of the Pacific Institute for Research and Evaluation for 10 years.

Anita began her career in word processing in 1971 while in the Navy, helping to establish the B216 Word Processing Center at the Bureau of Naval Personnel. She was instrumental in establishing the OP-09B Word Processing Center at the Pentagon in 1975, and advanced from operator to a supervisory position before leaving in 1979.

She helped establish Gemco Department Store's corporate Word Processing Center in 1981, working there until Gemco was sold in 1986. She worked at TRW's Real Estate Loan Services Corporate Headquarters in Orange, California from 1986 until moving to Northern California in 1989.

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