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William R. Ponicki, MA
Research Scientist

Bill Ponicki has been associated with the Prevention Research Center since 1990, specializing in analyses of alcohol/drug use and related social problems. His research typically investigates the association between alcohol or drug policy measures (e.g., taxes, outlet densities, or restrictions on methamphetamine precursors) and specific problem indicators (e.g., motor vehicle crashes, health problems, or crimes). These analyses typically involve the use of econometric methods as well as Bayesian statistical models that account for spatially-structured relationships (e.g., spatial autocorrelation).

Bill received a Masters Degree in Economics from UC Berkeley in 1995, where his thesis research centered on the role of education in the transmission of socio-economic status across generations. He also received a Masters Degree in Public Policy from the University of Chicago in 1987, where his area of specialization was social welfare policy. His non-PIRE work experience includes statistical forecasting, database design, econometric estimations of income inequality and the monetary returns to work, and the measurement of racial inequality in higher education.

Prevention Research Center
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