Safer Campuses and Communities
Campus and Communities can Come Together to Ensure
Safer Party Environments
Reducing Harmful Alcohol Use among College Students through Safer Campuses and Communities Interventions

Students at risk for harm due to dangerous drinking
at off-campus parties?
Neighborhood disruptions and strained town gown relationships?
Do you want to make a change?

Campuses and surrounding communities have long grappled with student drinking and related problems. University life affords students many opportunities and choices-both academically and socially. A common feature of student life is off-campus parties. While these parties can be a great opportunity to meet others and to socialize with friends, they can also be occasions of too much drinking, too much rowdiness, neighborhood disruption, and even injury and death. But highly visible cooperative projects, in which colleges and their surrounding communities target off-campus drinking settings, can reduce harmful alcohol use among college students, according to research supported by the National Institute on Alcohol Abuse and Alcoholism (NIAAA).

This Safer Campuses and Communities (SCC) website provides you with all the information you need to develop and implement research-based, proven interventions to change the culture of off campus drinking and reduce levels of intoxication and related problems. Using the SCC interventions and materials can help you make sure that students have opportunities for fun and relaxation - but without the danger and destructiveness that sometimes goes along with off campus parties. It is possible to reduce risks and improve the quality of life for students and community residents alike. Learn more about the SCC research, costs, benefits, and answers to your questions, then use the toolkit to design your own campus and community interventions. Find others in your community who want to be a part of an effective program to reduce problems and protect the health and safety of students and community member alike.