Action Plan

Compliance Check ("Minor Decoy")

The objective of this component is to limit the access to alcohol by young people who are not of legal drinking age by enforcing laws prohibiting alcohol sales to minors. “Minor decoy” operations use a person under the legal drinking age to attempt to purchase alcohol without showing identification from a retail outlet while under the observation of law enforcement.

Compliance Check Intervention Frequency:

Conduct compliance check operations using a “minor decoy” within a two mile radius of campus during the Fall academic sessions.

Compliance Check Critical Activities:

  1. Obtain agreement by the police department to conduct intervention strategy
  2. Create operational plans
    1. Dates, time and location of interventions
    2. Planning and debriefing meetings
    3. Decoy recruitment
  3. Establish a monitoring plan for intervention
    1. Operational reports of frequency of enforcement and number of businesses visited
    2. ABC violations for off-site licensees

Compliance Check Visibility:

  1. Post compliance check operation visibility (post results)