Action Plan

Party Patrol

This component has two major objectives: (1) to increase overall control of off-campus parties, and (2) to hold the party host accountable. The party patrol is a special squad of officers that operates on evenings when the likelihood of loud parties and noise complaints are high. The party patrol can respond to nuisance party calls and/or patrol student party areas. Party hosts may also call to request assistance with shutting down an out-of-control party. Party patrol officers adhere to appropriate enforcement protocols.

Party Patrol Frequency:

Conduct as many highly visible party patrol operations as deemed appropriate during the first 6 -8 weeks of the Fall academic sessions.

Party Patrol Critical Activities:

  1. Obtain agreement by campus and/or community police departments to conduct party patrols operations
  2. Create operational plans
    1. Dates, time and location of interventions
    2. Planning and debriefing meetings
    3. Process for selecting locations for patrol
  3. Establish a plan for intervention monitoring
    1. Operational report about what happened, when and where
    2. Number of people contacted and cited during patrols

Party Patrol Visibility:

The student visibility campaign promotes timely visibility activities prior to the party patrol operations and can post results of the enforcement as well.